Jul 15, 2014

Keeping Your Dorm Room Bed Bug Free


A university campus is a truly special place. It is a place where young eager minds can thrive both socially and academically. It is also a place in which young eager bed bugs can thrive both intimately and effectively! With the new semester right around the corner, here are some tips to keeping your dorm room bed bug free. 1. Before putting your sheets on your dormitory bed, inspect the mattress seams, particularly at the corners, for telltale stains or spots. […]… Read more >

bed bugs bite

Myth Busters – 5 Myths About Bed Bugs

Jul 07, 2014

Alright, alright – take it easy. There is no doubt that bed bugs suck; but let’s not blow this out of proportion. Yes, they may be skeevy and leave annoying red bumps on your skin. But no, they are not flesh-eating man slaughterers. This is […]… Read more >


Choosing The Right Termite Pest Control Company

Jun 25, 2014

When it comes to choosing a pest control company, you don’t want to mess around. Here are some guidelines to help you make the right decision. 1. Be sure that the company you choose offers a guarantee. Understand the terms and conditions, and how long the guarantee […]… Read more >


5 Ways To Protect Yourself From Bed Bugs While Traveling

Jun 16, 2014

The single most common way to pick up bed bugs is while you are traveling. With tons of people coming in and out of lodging and hotels, bed bugs have the ability to spread rapidly. Here are 5 ways to protect yourself from bed bugs […]… Read more >

Head Banging Termites

Head Banging Termites

Aug 18, 2013

Termites can make our heads spin (not literally of course… but they can make us crazy!). That’s because when you see them… you see a lot of them all at once. Researchers recently discovered something interesting about these pests. They actually communicate with each other […]… Read more >

political rat

Politics and Rats

Aug 07, 2013

The talk of NYC in recent weeks has been all about the 2013 race for Mayor. There are a few controversial candidates out there. However, this blog post isn’t about a political figure’s past scandals and corruption. One candidate is taking the bull by the […]… Read more >