Head Banging Termites

Termites-Head-Bang-to-Signal-DangerTermites can make our heads spin (not literally of course… but they can make us crazy!). That’s because when you see them… you see a lot of them all at once. Researchers recently discovered something interesting about these pests. They actually communicate with each other by banging their heads into the ground, which sends out long-distance distress signals. They do this about a dozen times per second.

In South Africa, Macrotermes Natalensis and related species construct gigantic mounds where they grow fungus for food, much like farmers do with certain crops. In order to defend their homes against predators… termites need to warn their nestmates of the danger over long distances… hence the head banging.

Here’s an interesting fact… the termite colony has three castes: workers, soldiers, and reproductives. They can actually help the environment by consuming dead wood. But, termites can also cause extensive damage to your home if they’re feeding on wood. Be sure to check for wood damage if you suspect you may have a termite infestation. Contact us ASAP for an inspection. If you do have termites…  M&M Pest Control can set-up a treatment plan that’s right for you.


political rat

Politics and Rats

political ratThe talk of NYC in recent weeks has been all about the 2013 race for Mayor. There are a few controversial candidates out there. However, this blog post isn’t about a political figure’s past scandals and corruption. One candidate is taking the bull by the horns when it comes to NYC’s rat problem. His name is Joseph J. Lhota. You may know him as the former chairman of the MTA and former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s Deputy Mayor.

The Republican candidate began his tour of small businesses earlier this week. Mr. Lhota’s first stop was at a building maintenance supply distributor in Queens where he introduced the Mint-X trash bag to the media. Does it smell like mint? You bet it does! But, the real question is… can it really repel rodents like rats? According to Mr. Lhota, the Mint-X fragrance is designed to not only repel rats and mice… but raccoons as well as other pests. Unfortunately, the company says it has been unable to get NYC’s parks department to consider purchasing these mint-scented trash bags to deal with the rat problem publicly. Mr. Lhota says that rats are a bigger concern in parks than they are in the subway system and that most people don’t even realize it.

Mint-XRegardless whether the NYC parks department decides to eventually use these Mint-X trash bags or not… M&M Pest Control is here to help you with your rodent problem now. Replacing your trash bags with a product like Mint-X is simply not enough. If you see a rat in your apartment, home or business… it’s best to call in the experts. Don’t wait another second. Rats are known to transmit diseases like salmonella, tuberculosis… even plague. M&M Pest Control can put an end to your rodent problem with properly placed traps, glue boards, and poison cubes, among other strategies. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.


Bugs are Tasty!

1222-bug-in-yogurt_at_1374865034305_522962_ver1.0_320_240Yogurt is very good for you. In fact, not only do you get a dose of protein when you eat it… but you also get calcium, vitamin B-2, vitamin B-12, potassium, and magnesium. It all sounds good, right? But, what if we told you when you consume a popular brand of yogurt… you may actually be eating bugs?

Dannon Co. is currently under fire for having “carmine” in their strawberry yogurt. “Carmine” is a red color additive from crushed beetles. Although only a tiny percentage of the population is allergic to this red color additive… people aren’t so upset about that fact. They’re more angry that the company has been feeding them bugs without their knowledge. However, these beetles are considered harmless. But for the future… how can you trust what you’re eating? It’s best to check the label on the product before you or your children consume it. If you’re unsure of what an ingredient actually is… try putting the name in a search engine.

Below is a list of other popular foods which contain crushed bugs:

  • Starbucks Strawberries & Creme Frappucino
  • Nerds Candy
  • Ocean Spray Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice
  • Dole’s Mixed Fruit in Cherry Gel
  • Mango Snapple
Bed Bugs NYC Courtroom

Bed Bugs Cause Chaos In NYC Courtroom

Bed Bugs NYC CourtroomWe told you last week how too many foggers in a small apartment in NYC’s Chinatown caused an explosion, injuring at least 12 people. Earlier this week, bed bugs made headlines once again in NYC. Only this time… it happened inside of Manhattan Criminal Court. On Tuesday, a man showed up to answer a desk-appearance ticket when a woman noticed bed bugs crawling around his neck. The courthouse turned into chaos, as people started to flea one of the arraignment rooms screaming and scratching themselves. The courtroom was evacuated when an exterminator showed up to treat the problem. Luckily, after a full examination… no bed bugs were found in the area where the man was standing.

If you see bed bugs… whether it’s at your place of work, a restaurant, taxi cab, or even in your own home… don’t panic. Call in the experts at M&M Pest Control. We have the expertise and tools to identify and tackle your bed bug problem. Contact us today and ask about our canine team, which specializes in sniffing out bed bugs.

Bed Bug Bomb Explosion

Pesticide Misuse Sets Off Explosion

Bed Bug Bomb ExplosionLast week, we told you about a recent study indicating just how ineffective pesticides like foggers/ bug bombs can be against bed bugs. But now… there’s an even bigger concern due to a recent explosion in NYC’s Chinatown. Last week, a woman tried to take matters into her own hands to save her two-room apartment infested with bed bugs. She set off about 20 foggers, releasing an aerosol mist into the air. The woman then followed up the next day with another 20 foggers in the other room. Failing to turn off her oven’s pilot light, the meeting of the flame and the fogger’s highly flammable contents created one powerful explosion… injuring 12 people.

M&M Pest Control, featured in several NYC news outlets this past week, is warning against the use of these do-it-yourself foggers. They are often misused… and a single six-ounce can is enough to treat 6,000 cubic feet of space, which translates roughly to an 800-square-foot apartment with a seven-foot ceiling. Many people think that because foggers cost about $3 per can… more is better. The fact is… multiple foggers just increase the chances of an accident and add unnecessarily high levels of dangerous chemicals into your home. If you do use these… be advised to steer clear of homes sprayed with foggers for about two to four hours. You must read the warning label.

mmpestThink you have a bed bug infestation? We strongly urge you not to take matters into your own hands. It’s best to contact professionals who understand the dangers of chemically treating bed bugs. M&M Pest Control creates customized solutions for each and every individual customer. We evaluate all of the terms of your bed bug problem, and with our extensive knowledge are able to provide you with a comprehensive treatment program to solve them for good. Contact us today to get started on the right path to controlling the situation.

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Bed Bug Cartoon

New Study: Bed Bug Bombs Don’t Work

Bed Bug CartoonGot bed bugs? Have you tried those “do-it-yourself” bombs or foggers? We understand these aerosol insecticide cans may seem like a cheaper alternative… but… they just don’t do the job correctly. And at about $10 per can… you’re likely to get what you pay for.

According to a new study out of Ohio State University… foggers have been deemed useless when it comes to fighting bed bug infestations. Entomologists from the school tested the following three fogger brands: Hot Shot, Spectracide, and Eliminator. The study, which examined five different populations of bed bugs around Columbus, OH, found that bed bugs tend to be resistant to most foggers, and even non-resistant bugs are likely to survive a fogging. That’s because the mist of chemicals does not appear capable of penetrating furniture and wall cracks where bed bugs tend to hide out. Because of these recent findings… the university recommends that the label for bed bugs be removed from these products. This latest study appears in the Journal of Economic Entomology.

If you think you may have a bed bug problem… don’t waste your money on these “do-it-yourself” products. It’s best to call in the experts to identify that they are, in fact, bed bugs. M&M Pest Control’s canine team can sniff out live bed bugs, as well as viable bed bug eggs… in order to get to the root of the problem fast. Contact us for more information today!